No matter if you are a buyer, or you are looking for a real estate or the seller of a property, we recommend that you definitely hire a licensed agency when buying or selling a property.

Start with researching the agencies active in your area, have a look at their websites and their offers. You can contact the agencies via the existing contact forms, by mail or by phone. It is also always very useful to see if the agency has reviews of existing customers – you can read the feedback from our customers on the pages of Google or on our Facebook page.

What are the benefits of working with an agency?

Real estate agents are licensed and trained to carry out this activity.

Since it is a big investment, and most of us buy a property only once or twice in a lifetime, it is impossible to have some great experience with it, and agencies and brokers are working with this matter every day, they are educated, know the procedures and steps from start to finish, they can advise, explain and suggest what matters.

How we work:

We employ professional staff: agents/brokers, lawyer and architect.

We take great care to ensure that the properties in our offer has all the documents required to successfully complete a purchase and transfer ownership from seller to buyer.

We advise our sellers on real estate market and prices, examine the real estate documentation and promote the real estate that we have included in our offer, on domestic and foreign markets on a number of high-quality advertising platforms and in cooperation with renowned partners abroad.

We accompany our customers through the entire buying process, from sightseeing through negotiations to the conclusion of the contract and transfer of ownership.

We are here to successfully realize your real estate purchase or sale with no stress!

Our team speaks three world languages: English, German and French, which together with strong marketing leads to a large number of foreign customers.

We regularly inquire about and inform ourselves about current laws, market trends and the work and duties of real estate agents.

We have a well-developed network of partners we work with: law firms, architectural firms, insurance companies, court and real estate appraisers, energy certifiers, etc.