Sea Organ and Greetings to the Sun

A unique venture in the world today offers every visitor of the extreme end of the Zadar peninsula a perfect gift of nature and human creativeness – the music of the sea organ. Right next to the cruiser landing on the waterfront with “the most beautiful sunset in the world”, the wind and waves hold a never ending concert. As soon as it was built, the Sea Organ
Stone steps hide beneath them the mystic formula of music coming out of stone. The sound is unrepeatable, but conditioned by the capriciousness of the wind or the spite of a calm sea. It was built according to the project of Zadar architect Nikola Bašić assisted by numerous experts. A city with symbols dating from the Roman Empire and Pre-Romanesque period to the Renaissance and Modernism was surprised by the possibility of even today being able to create a new symbol of recognition and to enjoy it.
The Greetings to the Sun, right next to the Sea Organ, is a play of lights in the rhythm of the waves, also a project of the same architect, Nikola Bašić. Three hundred multi-layered glass panels have been placed in a 22-metre-diameter circle. Beneath them are photovoltaic solar modules. This playful game of lights in the rhythm of the waves and the sounds of the sea organ is added to the “most beautiful sunset in the world”. The ring around this small solar power plant of Greetings to the Sun has the names of Zadar saints engraved with the dates of their feast days and the height of the sun and duration of sunlight on that same day in that very place. The small circles next to it are symbols of Solar System planets.


Church of St. Donatus

the symbol of the city of Zadar

Originally dedicated to the Holy Trinity, in the 15th century it was named after Bishop Donatus from Zadar who had started the building of the church. Its unusual cylindrical shape with double interior space expresses its uniqueness and it is connected in shape to the baptistery of Charles the Great or the Church of St. Vitale in Ravenna. It is the pride and symbol of Zadar holding the remains of the Roman Forum in its foundations and grandiose considering the time it was built. Today it is the stage of Musical Evenings in St. Donatus due to its extraordinary acoustic characteristics, but sacred Mass has long not been served in it.

Church of the Holy Cross in Nin

the smallest cathedral in the world

Unchanged since the 9th century and the time of the early Croatian medieval state, it was named the smallest cathedral in the world by the known English architect, Thomas Jackson (according to whose plans the steeple of the Cathedral of St. Anastasia in Zadar was completed in the 19th century). It dominates the area in restrained beauty and can be visited in only 38 steps. It is now part of the coat-of-arms and flag of Zadar County. On the first day of summer (solstice), a Festival of Sun and Light takes place in it penetrating into the secret knowledge of its ancient builders.

Sakarun Cove

The most beautiful coves in the world

Sakarun Cove is a member of the club society called The Most Beautiful Coves in the World where coves from 25 countries of all continents are included. Sakarun is a wide 800-metre-long sandy beach viewing the open Adriatic Sea. It is located on the northwest coast of Long Island, near the localities of Veli Rat, Verunić, Soline and Božava. It has regularly been awarded as the most beautiful rural beach on the Adriatic. The beach is shaded by dense evergreen underbush and black and Aleppo pine. It is part of the European Habitat Network NATURA 2000 and protected as a significant landscape. There are two restaurants on the beach offering drinks and light meals during the summer heat. Transport from Božava to Sakarun is organized and leaves every second hour. Bathing in this radiant cove of white sand and crystal clear sea is an unforgettable experience.


“It must be the most beautiful sunset in the world!” muttered Alfred Hitchcock sipping maraschino on the Zadar waterfront. Many tourists enjoying the view of the sea agree with him, a view of a changing sunset for every day the colours are different.