Purchase process

Buying your own property is a great and exciting thing. Since this is probably one of the bigger financial investments that you will make in your life, it is important to choose a trusted partner and a professional advisor for the buying process. We would therefore say that the whole process is actually preceded by the selection of a licensed real estate agency you will work with. A real estate purchase without the supervision of an authorized broker is today hardly imaginable.

The agency, in this case we, will do all the work for you, which saves you a lot of time and nerves since you have surely enough other daily obligations. We have a large variety of real estate listings, all with checked documents.

Through our existing insurance, our professional staff – legal advisor, architect, our licensed English, German and French speaking agents and partner law firms we offer our customers complete security and comprehensive service.


If you have decided to purchase a home, to buy a house or apartment, to build or to afford a holiday home, you must first set the budget, so plan the funding method and check your credit rating. The available budget is the basic criterion for the property search.

Find the right property

Contact us and transfer to us as your agency all criteria for your real estate search. Think about what’s important to you in terms of location, layout, floor and number of bedrooms needed. Our agent will prepare an offer for you based on the given criteria, arrange property visits, plan your time well and give you some useful advice and recommendations.


If you have come across a property that meets your criteria, you can imagine yourself in it and I just makes you happy, we advise you to make an offer that we will happily submit to the seller to negotiate the purchase of the property for you. After agreement on the price and any additional conditions we officially start the purchase process.

Preliminary contract and main real estate purchase contract

On basis of the agreed purchase price and other conditions, a preliminary contract or a real estate purchase contract is concluded, which defines the property, the price and the obligations as well as the rights of the buyer and the seller.

In the preliminary contract and in the purchase contract, the property must be defined in detail, the obligations and rights of the contracting parties must be clearly listed, and the necessary guarantees provided by the seller must be stated.

A preliminary contract is necessary if any obligations or conditionalities precede the conclusion of the purchase contract. This is most often the case with new construction, when the property is not finished yet and so the completion of the work, the final building inspection, if it is an apartment the floor processing plan, are to be awaited. When signing a pre-contract, a down payment, which is defined at the same time as part of the purchase price and forfeit money, is paid. This ranges between 10-20% of the purchase price.

With the purchase contract, the final purchase of the property and the payment of the entire purchase price are agreed. The purchase contract must contain all the essential elements so that the buyer can be entered as the new owner of the property after the signing and the payment of the entire purchase price.

The purchase contract is signed and verified by a public notary.

Real estate transfer tax

The real estate transfer tax in Croatia is 3% of the purchase price. The notary forwards the verified purchase contract to the competent tax authority in charge, which will issue to the name of the buyer tax ruling on the property transfer tax payable.

If the seller is a legal entity in the VAT system that has used the property that is the object of purchase for less than two years, in that case the buyer will not pay any property transfer tax.

Transfer of ownership

After conclusion of the real estate purchase contract and payment of the entire purchase price, so that the buyer becomes the official owner of the property, it is necessary to submit the request for the transfer of the ownership right with the appropriate supplements to the competent district court.

Taking possession of the property

Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer shall take possession of the property after payment of the entire purchase price. Our legal advisor accompanies the handover of the property and sets up a takeover protocol.

Transfer of utilities

After handover of the property is finished, we will carry out on behalf of the buyer the transfer of utilities and other expenses associated with the property from the seller’s to the buyer’s name.

Now back to our real estate offer! 😊


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