All about real estate in Zadar – Croatia

Why a real estate blog?

We would like to give you tips and advice about real estate in Croatia.

We have been working in real estate since 2009. Because of this, we have gained a lot of experience so far. Over the years we have met many people and constantly expanded our knowledge. Now we would like to share the knowledge with you through our websites and this real estate blog!

We operate in the Zadar region, or in northern Dalmatia, or in other words, on the coast of the Croatian Adriatic. Every purchase is different from the next. We have sold all types of properties so far and have also served customers from all over the world. Also, we have already completed several construction projects ourselves.

We will endeavor to answer many questions asked on these pages. Our intention is to give you a good idea of the buying process but also of owning a property in Croatia.

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