Zadar Region

Everybody knows that the Croatian coast is beautiful, and we, who live in Zadar, proudly like to say that it is the most beautiful here in the central part of the Croatian coast, in Zadar and the surrounding area.

The combination of natural beauty, historical legacy, modern culture and numerous contents and activities offered in the Zadar region is unique. If everything is summed up, one still lives here relaxed, as is to be expected in Dalmatian towns and places, in the Mediterranean style, the gastronomic offer is excellent and varied, the climate is ideal, the choice for entertainment and activities is great and that Living in the city modern.

In Zadar and the Zadar region you can spend a wonderful holiday, but also live very nicely.

Due to the playful coastline, since it offers so many different landscapes along the way, the diversity of our cities, islands and places, we are sure that we can find for everybody the perfect property here.

The way to Zadar leads over the sea by boat or farry, to Zadar you can fly, or drive by car or bus trough the excellent highway. More about the transport links to Zadar can be found under Traffic connection.

Let us find together the ideal property for you!

Learn about the places that stretch along the coast of Zadar: on the link Places. More about the city of Zadar itself on the link Zadar.

The Zadar region is especially appreciated by sailors for the numerous islands of the Zadar archipelago, its bays and cliffs. Read more about our islands on the link Islands.

The inner part of the Zadar region, where many of our delicacies can be explored and tasted, also has to be seen and tried: olive oil, cheese, prosciutto, wine and much more.

The great history of this area can be explored through countless archaeological treasures that are well preserved and mostly beautifully displayed.

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