Attractions and sights

The Zadar region occupies the central part of the Croatian coast. The offer and the opportunity for activities in this area are very good. There are many reasons why you should buy a property here.

There are numerous natural beauties, sights and attractions to see. We will describe some in the following text.

First of all, we can say enthusiastically that the region is surrounded by five national parks and three nature parks.

It is very easy to go from Zadar and surroundings to a day trip and see beautiful sights.

By the sea are the Kornati National Park and the Telaščica Nature Park. Nature Park, Telaščica bay is located on the southeast side of the island Dugi Otok, and next to it connects the National park Kornati. The Kornati count 89 islands of varying shape and size, which together cover 49,667,648 m2 and have up to 2700 days of sunshine per year.

Beauties of nature are offered further in every direction of the mainland. Here are the world famous National Park Plitvice Lakes (about 115 km from Zadar) with waterfalls and lakes that are breathtaking. Plitvica Lakes are the oldest and largest national park of the Republic of Croatia. Beautiful waterfalls and water can also be visited in Krka National Park (about 75 km from Zadar).

The Velebit Mountain has given us the Paklenica National Park with its large and small Paklenica Canyon (about 45 km from Zadar), the Velebit Nature Park, the famous botanical reserve (about 100 km from Zadar), Northern Velebit National Park with 1,289 hectares of beech forest. Velebit is a destination that hikers, climbers and walkers love, and everyone will enjoy the view from the massive Velebit mountain. However, it is advisable to choose the route along the Velebit according to one’s possibilities or to explore the mountain with organized guidance.

Between Zadar and Biograd, almost by the sea, lies the Vrana Lake Nature Park, Croatia’s largest natural lake, known for its beauty and purity. This is an untouched habitat of waterfowl, with sources of drinking water and an area of ​​special vegetation, beautiful viewpoints.

In addition to the incomparably beautiful national parks and nature parks, we also mention some sights and attractions in this area:

Zadar, a town over three thousand years old, the city with the largest number of monuments in Croatia and a city whose strict center is surrounded by ramparts, is located in the perfect position of the Adriatic Sea, in the north of Dalmatia. Zadar is guarded by numerous islands and its back is protected by the massive mountain Velebit. Good climate, excellent gastronomy, numerous cultural and entertaining events, many monuments and beautiful beaches are just a part of what makes Zadar an ideal place for living and spending your vacation.

Kalelarga, also known as a Wide Street, is the heart of Zadar and the main street which takes you to almost every attraction and cultural monument in the city. The unavoidable church, St. Donat from the 9th century, is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city of Zadar. There is probably no person who visited Zadar and not having a photo next to this most valuable Zadar monument located on the Forum. It is important to note that the Zadar Forum is one of the largest in the Adriatic. Immediately next to it is the fascinating Zadar Cathedral of St. Anastasia, from whose 54-meter high bell tower you can see the whole Zadar, the sea, the islands and the Velebit mountain.

An unavoidable Zadar seafront (Riva), is a favorite promenade and at the same time in a summer some kind of beach for many Zadar and tourists, because of the crystal clear sea and a beautiful view. Alfred Hitchcock also enjoyed in the Zadar seafront, calling it the most beautiful sunset in the world. Now, many tourists enjoy listening to music and the Sea Organ at this sunset. The world-famous installation The Greeting to the Sun makes the stay on the seafront even more spectacular.
Along with People´s Square, which is also the main town square, one of the nicer locations in Zadar is definitely Five Wells Square, which continues to the beautiful Queen Jelena Madije Park with a beautiful view of the Land Gate Zadar called Foša.

Zadar also can boast with one of the oldest museums in this part of Europe – the Zadar Archaeological Museum, which is located in the heart of the city’s historic center. In addition, the Museum of Ancient Glass, a unique cultural institution that has attracted visitors from all over the world and it is located on the Murai promenade of Zadar.
The permanent exhibition “Gold and Silver of the City of Zadar” in the Church of St. Mary, apropos its monastery, testifies to the rich history of Zadar. Next to the city walls and the Three Wells Square is the famous Arsenal. Once a major port center, it has been transformed into a so-called “indoor city square” where you can enjoy on numerous concerts, exhibitions and conferences. In addition to the Arsenal, the Rector´s Palace, as a cultural and historical complex, offers visitors numerous events, exhibitions, concerts.

If you are a fan of sports and recreation, Sports and Recreation Center Višnjik offers a large complex of outdoor courts, an indoor swimming pool, a tennis center and the famous Krešimir Ćosić hall. Likewise, Vladimir Nazor Park is also a favorite destination for recreationists and walkers.

All of this makes Zadar an extremely attractive tourist destination, which is attracting more and more visitors every year and gives Zadar an incredible opportunity for further economic development and expansion. Another great advantage of Zadar is its excellent connection with the rest of Croatia, Europe and even the world.

In the end, another important factor of the city should not be forgotten, and what makes Zadar so open and popular are its sincere residents, about 80,000 of them. The city is neither too big nor too small. Dalmatian charm and hospitality of a true tourist town are other bonuses of this Adriatic pearl. Zadar is a lively city, it is a student city with one of the most beautiful universities located on the seafront, a city of numerous festivals, museums, rich cultural heritage and indented coastline.

How attractive Zadar is, has also been proved by the selection of Zadar as the best tourist destination in 2016. Find out more Info on the site

More attractions throughout Zadar County:

Church of the Holy Cross, Nin

This church exists in Nin since the 9th century, and according to the famous English architect Thomas Jackson, it is the smallest cathedral in the world. On the day of the summer solstice, a feast of the sun and the light takes place in and around the church.

otok Galešnjak

Galešnjak Island, Pašman Canal

You have probably already seen this island in brochures about Croatia or you know the island by its better-known name “island of love”. The island has a heart-shaped shape and is located in the Pasman Channel between the islands of Pašman and Turanj.

Maškovića han vrana

Mašković Han, Vrana

This is one of the westernmost located Turkish monuments. The remains of the town of Vrana are located near the Vrana Lake Nature Park.

svjetionik veli rat

Lighthouse Veli Rat

Along the Adriatic coast you will find a number of magnificent lighthouses, but this on the island of Dugi Otok is something special. The 42 m high tower is really spectacular.

Sunset, Zadar

“It must be the most beautiful sunset in the world!”, Murmured Alfred Hitchcock and drank Maraschino on our Riviera.

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