Events and manifestations

The Zadar region, in addition to historical heritage, natural and cultural beauty, is also full of numerous entertainment events and manifestations:

For all those who are looking for fun in the center of Zadar, there are numerous events organized on the seafront promenade. Except to the local population, all interested tourists can also participate. One of the most recognizable entertainment and sports events is the Millennium jump, the most famous sea jump from the Zadar seafront.
In addition, sports fans can try at the attractive night race: Zadar Night Run and the world-famous Wings for Life World Run Zadar. Of the other sporting events in the Zadar region, most athletes and recreationists will surely be delighted by the cycling tour Zadar – Vir, swimming marathon Preko – Zadar, Triathlon Dugi otok and the mountain race Starigrad – Veliko Rujno.
For all fans of adrenaline and extreme sports, we recommend Škraping race on the island of Pašman, an International Climbers meeting Paklenica and rafting on the river Zrmanja.
Some of the most famous and most visited traditional entertainment events with good food, drinks and music, which are organized on the Zadar seafront, are the Night of the Full Moon festival and the Zadar Craft Beer Festival. Also, for all lovers of good wine there are Taste and Travel festival organized in Arsenal Zadar every year as well as the famous Wine festival.
There are organized Vir Summer festival on the island of Vir, and in Sali there are the biggest festival of the Dugi otok – Saljske užance festivity.
In order to keep the tradition and preserve immaterial cultural heritage, the Nin’s Šokolijada festival, the oldest event in the city of Nin, takes place every year. Also, during the summer months, you can visit the saltworks as part of Open Days – Nin Salworks.
Summer is the period when most visitors stay in the Zadar area, so it is not surprising that there are a large number of events in Zadar and also in surrounding area. Of the more attractive ones, we would certainly single out the historical-scenic spectacle Knightly Days of Vrana near Biograd and the cultural-tourist event, On the traces of Winnetou, which takes place in the National Park Paklenica.
For all sea and nautical tourism lovers, there is sailing regatta Zadarska koka that is organized every year in Zadar, intended for everyone who loves to sail and in Biograd there is organized the largest nautical fair in the region – Biograd Boat Show, which has an increasing number of visitors and boats every year.
And in the end, to experience one of the most attractive concert hall in Croatia and also the most famous symbol of the city of Zadar, the church of St. Donat, we recommend going to the most prestigious music and art event Musical Evenings at St Donat’s.