The archipelago of Zadar consists of about 300 islands scattered around Zadar.

Visiting an island or staying in one is a special experience.

 The islands are the perfect destination for seafaring and nature lovers. You can find the most beautiful beaches of our coast right on the islands. There are numerous picturesque Dalmatian, mostly fishing villages, each of which, especially in the summer months, offers many contents. If you are on one of the islands in the summer, do not miss the traditional fishing festivals with good music and good food!

If you love sailing and are like being on the sea but want to have your four walls on a solid base, a real estate on the islands are the ideal choice for you!

 Our agency currently offers the following properties (apartments, flats, houses and villas, business premises and land) on the islands around Zadar:


 Sometimes we even forget that it is an island because the island of Vir is connected to the mainland by a bridge and you can get there without a boat or ferry. The island of Vir is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. It is located in the extreme northwest of the Zadar County. It is surrounded by the sea, the Povljana Canal and numerous smaller bays. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge. The 31.43 km long coast of the island offers a great choice of beautiful sandy, stone and pebble beaches. There are full beaches with a wide choice of contents and activities, as well as intimate bays surrounded by unspoiled nature. The beaches of the island of Vir, partly under pine trees, and the crystal blue sea make this island the perfect choice for an ideal family holiday. In addition to tourism in the summer months, Vir is also an oasis of peace for a relaxed family life in winter. The island offers all the necessary content for a relaxed everyday life: school, kindergarten, shops, post office, restaurants and cafes. Vir is 26 km from Zadar and only 12 km from the nearest town, Nin.

Check out the offer of real estate on the island of Vir.


Although two, these islands are often mentioned together, because they are connected by a bridge and thus, so to speak, form a unity. It should be noted that these are the islands of the Zadar archipelago that are closest to Zadar, so you can quickly get to those from the city: 20 minutes by ferry. The two islands are connected to the mainland by numerous ferry and boat lines from Zadar and the port of Biograd. For exploring we recommend: Ugljan on the island of the same name, Lukoran near the famous Olive Island Marine, the charming Preko, where the ferry port is located, Kali with one of the largest fishing fleets on our Adriatic coast, Kukljica and Dobropoljana, Pašman and Ždrelac with their beautiful beaches and hiking trails. It should be emphasized that you will find all the daily necessities of the islands: everything from schools and kindergartens, ambulances, pharmacies to numerous shops, restaurants and the like.

See the current real estate offer on the island of Pašman and the island of Ugljan.


A second before the Islands of Ugljan and Pašman there is still a small island that should not be forgotten, namely the island Ošljak. Also known as Lazaret, this is an island where no cars drive, a true oasis of tranquility, in an idyllic setting with beautiful nature and panoramic views.

Real estate in Ošljak is rarely sold. Check if there is something available on the Island of Ošljak.


 Dugi Otok (translated: Long Island) with well-developed excursion, nautical and sports tourism is an island that can surprise and enchant you time and again. The island connects with the mainland the port in Zadar with regular ferry and boat lines. This island is the perfect oasis of peace with enchanting and picturesque locations, with many beautiful beaches and lush vegetation. How unique this island is, is also shown by the fact that the southeastern part of the island is a protected natur park and continues to connect the National Park Kornati immediately. A special feature of the island is the three-day manifestation “Saljske Užance” (Sali Fest), which can be visited in August in Sali.

Klick on the offer of real estate on the island of Dugi Otok.


Between the described islands Ugljan and Dugi otok lies the beautiful island Iž. Iž is surrounded by ten small islands that form a beautiful panorama. The center of the island is Veli Iž on the northwest side of the island, located in a beautiful bay. On the other side is another picturesque settlement on the island, Mali Iž. The modern equipped marina, hotel, playgrounds and several restaurants complete the stay on this island.

Klick for the offer of real estate on the island of Iž.


Silba, the so-called Gate of Dalmatia, is located west of Zadar, almost on the open sea. Although one of the more remote islands of the Zadar archipelago, it was inhabited in Illyrian times.


The island of Vrgada is located a few kilometers from Drage and Pakoštane. The coast is rich in varied beaches, beautiful bays, dense pine forests. This island is a perfect oasis for a peaceful and relaxing holiday, especially when all the hustle and bustle (including cars) of the countryside is lost. The island connects with the mainland ships daily from Pakoštane and Biograd (8 times a day).

The properties on Vergada can be seen on the following link: Vrgada.


On the other side, northwest of Zadar, opposite the massive mountain Velebit, there is the island of Pag left, which is connected by a bridge over the mainland. The island is already known in the world for its unique nature, enchanting beaches, a long tradition of high-quality cheese production, olive oil, Pag salt and not forgetting Pag lace.

What we still sell on Pag, see under Properties in Pag.


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