Traffic connection

The traffic connection of Zadar and its surroundings is extremely good and the town can be reached by air or over land and sea.

How do you come to Zadar?

By plane

The airport is located in Zemunik, about 10 kilometers from the city, which is very convenient and allows you to travel quickly and easily to the city center, to another destination in the area – or to your property. In addition to charter aircraft and general aviation, the airport is connected daily with the rest of Europe and World by the airlines Austrian Airlines, Titan Airways, Flybe / Stobart, Croatia Airlines, Lufthansa, Easyjet, Eurowings, Luxair, Skywork, Vueling. As early as April, the period of more intensive flights and flights to European cities begins and by the end of the summer, this number increases and a variety of flights remain until the end of October.

The cities that connect Zadar Airport can be found on the following page:

By car / bus

The auto route A1 leads to Zadar. It is the main auto route that connects Zagreb with Dalmatia and it is included in the European corridors V and X, and further leads to Ljubljanja, Vienna, Budapest or Belgrade, then Istanbul or Athens. It extends parallel with the good two-lane state road D1- Lička magistrala that does not require any payment.

From the direction of Italy it is possible to reach Rijeka by auto route A7 that connects to A1 at Bosiljevo, or just take the colourful Adriatic road D8.

The Zadar region has a good system of local and regional roads.

If you are interested in the bus stops from and to Zadar, more info you can find on the sites of Liburnija.

By sea

We have a ferry connections with Ancona in Italy, a city on the opposite side of the Adriatic. The maritime transport company is Jadrolinija which also has a catamaran connection Zadar-Pula-Zadar.

The ferry, catamaran and fast boat connection is branched in this County connecting 17 inhabited islands from Zadar and Biograd to the islands of Pašman and Ugljan. Most of the islands have roads and bus transport while Ugljan and Pašman are connected by a bridge.

You can explore the Ferry lines and many boat lines on the sites of Jadrolinija.