Are you looking for a property in Zadar or surroundings?

We would like to introduce you to why Zadar is the ideal choice for your home or your holiday home!

Let’s start with the geographical location of this beautiful Croatian city. If you want to know exactly, Zadar lies in the following location: 44 ° 06’51 “north latitude and 15 ° 13’40” east longitude. Zadar has found its perfect location on the playful coast of the Adriatic, in the north of Dalmatia, as the seat of the Zadar County. Zadar is guarded by the sea side by its numerous islands of the Zadar archipelago and protected by the massive Velebit mountain range from the back. Velebit on the one side and the crystal blue sea and the green islands on the other create unique landscapes and panoramas visible from every corner of Zadar and its surroundings. Ravni Kotari, which extends north of Zadar, adds to the potential of the city and offers unique opportunities for expansion and development in the region.

Every place in the Zadar region has its charm and our real estates are spread around the region, allowing you to find apartments, flats, houses, lands and villas from Kožino to Vir, Privlaka, Starigrad to Bibinje, Sukošan continuing to Biograd, Pakostane and Drage and to the islands. More about places and islands in the region, where our properties are located, can be found on the Page Zadar Region.


If you want to have your vacation in Zadar or live here, you must get used to one thing, and that is that there is no rush, no “priša” as the locals would say. Here you must take your time for coffee drinking, even up to hours long under the sun, which is, happily possible here, almost throughout the year. The Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers, with little rainfall through the year, where temperatures in winter are almost always positive, make for a good mood and “move” the city. We can tell you that in July, for example, the sun shines for up to 12 hours a day!

The very attractive location of the city, as described above, and the mild climate of this area have given rise to numerous advantages to life. Zadar is very well connected with the rest of Croatia, Europe and the world. Zadar is a very attractive tourist destination, which attracts more and more visitors every year, with Zadar still having an incredible opportunity for further economic development and expansion.

Read more about the transport links to Zadar under Traffic connections.

If you are in Zadar, you are close to plenty of content, as there are numerous national parks, nature parks and other attractions within a radius of only fifty kilometers from the city. Find out more about the Zadar surroundings with national parks and nature parks, the sights and attractions in and around Zadar on the page Attractions and sights.

Furthermore, we would like to mention the food and the gastronomy. Food is always an important issue when you travel to a new destination, and what’s important, in Zadar, the surrounding towns and islands of the Zadar archipelago, you can always eat well. The local production of figs, olives, grapes, livestock and fisheries leads to high-quality products that come to the table, everything from high quality virgin olive oil, good wines and jams to healthy and good meat and fish. In Zadar and around Zadar you can enjoy good food and drink.

In the end, another important factor of the city should not be forgotten, and what makes Zadar so open and popular are its sincere residents, about 75,000 of them. The city is neither too big nor too small. The Dalmatian charm and the hospitality of a true tourist town are the other bonuses of this Adriatic pearl. Zadar is a lively city, a student city with one of the most beautiful universities, a city with numerous festivals, museums, a city with a good theater and cinema.

How attractive Zadar is, has also been proved by the selection of Zadar as the best tourist destination in 2016. Find out more Info on the sight

Now the conclusion is very simple, Zadar is perfect! 🙂 It is a beautiful city, relaxed and in a good climate, with a good gastronomic offer, enough events, amazing nature and an environment where everyone can find something for themselves.

More useful information of Zadar’s districts, together with links with our offer and photos you can find bellow:

Zadar districts: Arbanasi, Belafuža, Bili brig, Branimir coast, Bokanjac, Borik, Brodarica, Bulevar, Crvene kuće, Diklo, Diklovac, Dražanica, Gaženica, Jazine, Kolovare, Mocire, Petrići, Ploča, Plovanija, Poluotok (old town), Puntamika, Relja, Ričine, Sinjoretovo, Skročini, Smiljevac, Stanovi, Špada (Melada), Vidikovac, Višnjik, Voštarnica, Vruljica.

If you have not already, spend an evening on the promenade of Zadar, walk along the sea organ and the Sun Greeting and observe the most beautiful sunset in the world, this view will charm you, that’s for sure!


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