Usefull information

Our agency offers all types of real estate: apartments, flats, houses, land and business premises.

In the wide range of our properties, we are sure that we can find a suitable property for each client, as we also expand our real estate offer daily. So, keep an eye on our website!

You can find detailed information about the steps in buying real estate on the page PURCHASE PROCESS!

Why do we distinguish flats and apartments in our real estate listings?

The fact that we separately cite flats and apartments on our website should not confuse you; on the contrary, we do it to make it easier for you to search for real estates. Of course, both are actually the same kind of real estate, but so that our customers get a better overview in our wide range of listings we made the distinguishing. Flats are real estate in the city that is mainly for permanent living meant and apartments are located in the surrounded smaller places or villages outside the city generally used as holiday properties.

Property viewings with buyers

Call us or send an e-mail! Let us know what you are looking for and together we will select the right properties from our offer for you and organize a viewing in no time.

We organize the real estate viewings and presentations professionally and according to our client’s wishes. During the viewing, we like to show our customers several properties. The clients are advised by our real estate agents on the purchase process and the real estate offer. After our agents get to know the clients better, they often find additional real estate that may not be planned in the start for the viewing but often becomes the right one in the end. So, our advice is to consider the proposals of our agents!

What needs to be checked regarding the real estate?

When buying real estate, there are two things that have to be clear, firstly, the ownership of the property, and then, if it is a built property, the legality of the building. Since properties have been very easily legalized in recent years, legalization decisions and certificates of occupancy are very accessible.

So, if you are selling a flat, a house, a commercial space or an apartment, make sure that there is a proof of ownership and a confirmation of legality, because this is our starting point!

For land that we include in our offer, we always try to obtain the location information from the owner before we advertise it. This is a document that can be obtained from the Office of Spatial Planning and Construction and which already shows in which zone the property is located, what is its use, which spatial plans relate to the property and where the plans can be inspected!

For properties, the presentation of the location information is very helpful.

New buildings

Often our customers wish that their new property, mostly when buying apartments or flats, is new and modern, and therefore are looking for new constructions. It should be noted that apartments in the new building are mostly sold before the complete completion. In this case, the purchase process is different than for finished objects. The object is to be reserved until completion and final acceptance. Are you looking for a new building? Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the offer and purchase process for new constructions or real estate under construction.