Nin is the oldest Croatian city, a royal city, over 3000 years old, the cradle of the Croatian state. It is rich in cultural heritage dating back to the 9th century. The Holy Cross Church, considered the smallest cathedral in the world, dates back to that time. Furthermore, the hilltop church of St. Nicholas is known for the story that each ruler, after the coronation in Nin, from there was presented to the people as the new ruler. Also known is the church of Saint Anselm, which used to be the cathedral of Nin. In Nin, you can visit the gold and silver treasury of the city, where valuable relics of the patron saints of Nin, St. Nicholas, Anselm, Ambrose and Marcella can be found. There are also the venerable gifts given to our Lady of Zečevo, as well as Judah’s silver coin, the image of the appearance of our Lady of Zečevo and many other precious objects.

Nin is particularly famous for its salt – the natural wealth of Nin and the long tradition are linked in the well-known salt museum. There you can see the traditional ways of making salt. In addition, you can taste the famous salt flower. Sea salt, which is obtained exclusively under ideal weather conditions and picked by hand only when there is no wind. It only appears on the sea surface as a thin layer of a salt leaf like a petal. That’s where the name Salt flower comes from.

In addition to its rich cultural heritage and interesting past, Nin has become a popular tourist destination. Nin has the longest sandy beach in Croatia; Queen’s beach. It is 3 km long.

There are 110 km of cycle paths in the area. In addition, there are tennis, volleyball, football, bowling, table tennis, mini golf and tennis courts in the resort Zaton.

Nin is an ideal place for those who like to surf in the sea, and for those who want to learn, there are organized schools for numerous sports and equipment rental.

The special thing about this city is that the center of the city is actually an island; it is connected to the land by two bridges.

Nin has risen to an enviable level of tourism in recent years. Because of its amazing and unusual cultural heritage and its interesting history, due to its beautiful beaches and salt fields, it is a much sought after destination. Health tourism has developed due to the well-known healing mud.

More information can be found on the pages of the Tourist Board of Nin City.

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